Frank Abate

Sales Associate


If you are looking to BUY a Home it is important to know what the Market trends are and what the following statistics are:

1 # of Homes currently available in your Price Range.
2.# of Homes Sold over the past 12 Months and Past  30 to 90 Days.
3. # of Homes that came on the market in the past 30 to 90 Days. 

 With this information you can know whether Supply is rising or falling

List to Sale Price Ratios

Generally we can see a trend that matches up with supply levels regarding List Price to Sale price. I usually go over what the averages are for your Price range and or selected market. When it comes to negotiations it is important to have the FACTS concerning Market Conditions, this is also where I can usually help you get the BEST Price. As an experienced negotiator having been involved in over 25 Years of Full Time real Estate Sales I KNOW HOW to help you get POSITIONED for the VERY BEST DEALS.

If this is the kind of information you are looking to get from your Real Estate Agent then you Really want to consider giving me a call to help you know the STASTICAL FACTS concerning current Market conditions.

Market conditions can change quickly.

If you would like to hear about this and some of the other Services I offer PLEASE CALL ME 

so we can arrange a Free no obligation Counseling session.

The initial Goal session usually lasts about 30 to 40 Minutes. Why waste your time going all over the Map, when you can be taken step by step through a proven process to clearly establish your needs and desires along with formulating a plan of action steps to go forward in solving your Real Estate problem??